You don’t have to do everything yourself

Pro Mail Oy is a fast and flexible direct mailing company. We’re proud of our client portfolio, which comprises of publishers, advertising agencies, trade unions, printing houses, as well as many of the top operators in their line of business.

The most extensive range of machinery in the industry catering to direct mailing and printed media, the expertise of 15 professionals, and our own 5.000 sq ft premises ensure our clients fast and high quality service.

From the smallest jobs to the largest, Pro Mail offers the required technology, precision and experience to take care of your important work.  We’re a full service direct mailing company with 30 years of experience.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us, or send us your details, we’ll be happy to help! When you present us with your requirements, we’ll offer you a solution. We’ll make your job easier, which allows you to focus on other important things.