Biobagging / Polybagging

Polybagging is a fast and cost-effective method for direct marketing either with or without addresses. Because of the see-through plastic, it can bring notability for a magazine, brochure or other products.
Plastic is a superior material because of its lightness and protective qualities. However the non-renewable resources used in production, as well as the low recycling rate make plastic a non-environmentally friendly material.


Biowrap has all the good qualities of plastic such as the see-throughness and versatility, and is in addition environmentally friendly. Biowrap has been made using renewable natural materials. Many starch-, sugar cane- and corn based biowraps use fossil materials, none of which have been used in the production of the biowrap of our choice. It’s been made from sunflower- and thistle oil and is a completely natural product.
It’s easy to attach elements such as calendars, customer gifts and product samples.  
The possibilities of biobagging/polybagging are e.g.:

  • Clear or printed wrap
  • Multiple inserts / attachments
  • Inserting promotional gifts
  • Address printed onto material (e.g. magazine)
  • Address printed on biowrap/polywrap
  • Address printed on a separate A5- or A4-paper