Pro Mail’s automatized packing process

Known for their innovative packing solutions, Pro Mail is constantly developing new processes. During the last year the clever and cost-effective innovation of using an automated process of wrapping products in recyclable plastic, has become very popular among Pro Mail’s clients. Previously these products would have been manually packed into cardboard sleeves/boxes.

The automatized process suits products that are 80 – 300mm in width, 150 – 400mm in length and 0,5 – 200mm in height. Products larger than this are packed manually. Automatizing the process means an increase in cost effectiveness and speed.

Products packed with the automatized process have included bedlinen sets, purses and books. A lighter package means a decrease in postal fees.

Our constant development and capable staff guarantee our clients cost effective and modern packing solutions. We develop our products and services with our clients in mind.

Get in touch and we’ll figure out a suitable packing solution for your product!