Privacy Policy

Register name

Pro Mail Oy, customer- and marketing register

registers and handles personal data in accordance with the European GDPR. The privacy policy can be changed from time to time without advance notice. We recommend our customers visit this privacy policy periodically to take note of possible changes.

Registry keeper

Pro Mail Oy
Hyttimestarintie 6, 02780 Espoo
Tel. (09) 8190 500

Person in charge of registry matters

Pro Mail Oy
Aki Lindgren, CEO

The purpose of handling personal data

Pro Mail Oy practices legal business activities, thus also complies with EU regulations regarding the recording of personal data – here are the six key principles:

  • The information recorded is lawful, reasonable and the handling transparent. This means that the registered persons can request to view their information whenever necessary.
  • The information recorded is purpose limited – e.g. the collected data is only tied to a certain purpose. Information is not disclosed to outsiders without adequate reason.
  • We minimize the amount of collected data – only the essentials are registered.
  • We strive in keeping our information accurate.
  • We limit the retention of information – information is given a certain lifespan in the system, after which it is automatically or routinely deleted, unless there is a legal reason for retaining it.
  • We record data that is intact and reliable, e.g. confirmed via backup copies.

We collect and record information on existing and potential new customers based on customer relationships and business activities. The main uses for the information are; producing reports for internet marketing, customer communication, plan and target marketing, analyzing, developing customer service, developing the business and services it provides as well as other similar activities. Pro Mail Oy uses personal data for direct marketing within the limits of the Personal Data Act. The collection of information on potential new customers is based on developing the business, and the data is collected by Pro Mail.

Information held in registry

We record the minimum amount of information about our customer relationships, which typically include a contact person’s name, company and contact details such as e-mail address and phone number.

Collected information:

  • First and last name
  • Title
  • Contact details (such as company name, contact information etc.)
  • Other text-only information about customer relationship
  • Marketing permit or ban
  • IP-address or other identifier
  • Information collected via cookies
  • Information collected through social media channels
  • web address

Normal sources of information

Some of the sources of information used:

  • LinkedIn, Google Analytics and forms on website
  • Personal information is collected from the registered persons themselves during customer interaction via telephone, web service and customer events
  • In addition, information such as names collected from the media can be used in customer acquisition, and used to contact said persons.

Disclosure of information

Pro Mail Oy uses third party services to handle information that may include personal data. These third parties handle the data at a capacity agreed by Pro Mail Oy and the third party in question. The amount of personal data disclosed to these third parties is limited, and is used in the following ways:

  • CRM-tool used to handle existing customer relationships, includes data such as; company name, contact name, contact details as well as information of meetings and other activities linked to the customer
  • CRM-tool used to handle new customer relationships, includes data such as; company name, contact name, contact details, as well as information of activities linked to the customer, such as report requests
  • Invoicing system includes data such as; company name, contact name, contact details, billing information and ledger
    The information may be disclosed to authorities within the limits of existing legislation and regulations, e.g. for investigating malpractice

Disclosing information outside of the EU or ETA

Pro Mail Oy does not disclose information outside of the EU or ETA.

Protection of registry

Pro Mail Oy possesses the appropriate technical and organizational safety practices and processes to safekeep personal data from getting lost, misused and from unlawful access.

The personal data included in the registry is kept confidential. Use of the registry in the registry keeper’s organization has been instructed and access to the registry has been limited. The only employees to have access to the registry are employees who have a right to the information due to their work tasks and need the information in order to complete these tasks. Staff handling personal data are bound by professional confidentiality, and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

The system is guarded by protective software. To gain access to the system, all registry users are required to input their personalized usernames and passwords. Pro Mail requires customers’ and partners’ server environments to be password and firewall protected. Data traveling between the server and user computer is encrypted. In addition, the registry keeper’s data network and equipment on which the registry is located, is protected by a firewall and other technical measures. Disposal of personal data is completed according to information security.

Right of inspection

Persons whose data Pro Mail Oy handles, have a right to access their personal data and have any incorrect information corrected. The persons have a right to request their personal data to be removed at any time, unless a legal requirement prohibits the removal of data. The data will be handed to the customer in an understandable form and in writing if necessary. The requests must be sent via a signed letter to Pro Mail Oy, registry requests, Hyttimestarintie 6, 02780 Espoo.

Right to demand correction of data

The keeper of the registry will by their own accord or by request correct, remove or complete personal data that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated. In addition, personal data can be removed if the customer is misusing the service, or is using the service to practice illegal or otherwise prohibited activities. The registered must contact the registry keeper to correct information. The requests must be sent via a signed letter to Pro Mail Oy, registry requests, Hyttimestarintie 6, 02780 Espoo.

Other rights to do with handling personal data

The registered persons have a right to deny the registry keeper from handling their personal data for the purposes mentioned in this policy, unless otherwise agreed between registry keeper and the registered persons. Correction requests to do with marketing bans (calls, printed direct marketing, text messages and e-mails) should be sent via a signed letter to Pro Mail Oy, registry requests, Hyttimestarintie 6, 02780 Espoo.


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Website analysis and advertising cookies

In order to receive additional information about the website traffic, Pro Mail uses an analyzing tool and advertising provided by a third party.

Pro Mail Oy’s website uses Google Analytics – web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how visitors use the website. Information created by the cookie about how visitors use the website (including your IP-address) is sent and stored by Google on servers located in the United States. Our page uses IP-anonymization. Therefore Google shortens/anonymizes the last octet of IP-addresses belonging to citizens of the EU or EU’s economic region. Only in exceptional circumstances is a full IP-address sent and shortened in the USA by Google servers. Google uses this information on behalf of the website provider to analyze use, create reports on website traffic, and to offer the website provider services related to traffic on and use of other websites.

You can stop Google from collecting and using information (cookies and IP-addresses) by downloading and installing a browser plug-in; =en, or by using other ad- and tracking blockers.

We use Google Analytics to analyze information on AdWord and DoubleClick Cookies. You can stop the processing of information by changing your Google privacy settings at

Updated 21st of March 2018